The GRAUTHOFF Doors Group
Three Brands  One Linking Design
For more than 50 years, the name GRAUTHOFF has been standing for high quality, innovation and creative product design. Tradition and the modern world connect closely within this family company. The renowned product brands HGM, ASTRA and licht&harmonie comprise a set of doors and frames with a huge choice of types, options and surfaces in line with the requirements of the market.
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BOEN hardwood flooring is a natural product. As a procurer of timber BOEN has an important heritage to maintain. Constant dialogue with environmental protection authorities and organisations, investment in new manufacturing technologies allows us to continually reduce waste.

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The alternative to PVC design flooring tested for harmful substances. Thanks to their high-quality Puretec finishes, MEISTER design flooring is durable and extremely easy to maintain.

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Pollmeier is a family-owned business that was founded in 1987 as a factory for producing edge-glued panels for the furniture industry.You will be impressed by their unique collection of natural wood floors!

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Our Manufacturing Marble Line
Will impress YOU

We decided to establish BenaStone as Benayat arm of exporting to provide ready to install Egyptian Granite and Lime Stones to be shipped directly according to specs required to any content of the globe.

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